A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For (Newest)

This quote really hits you square in the face. Direct and genuinely inspirational, it shows us how to avoid settling for our comfort zones.

Read it once and then again. The message is strong and thought-provoking. Your potential is limitless; therefore, save yourself from ruin and begin fulfilling your destiny.

Be willing to get your hands dirty and to do things that are uncomfortable for you.

Change can be difficult, and life presents many challenges. We frequently opt for what is accessible. We frequently choose easy goals or are hard on ourselves because we believe we can’t aim higher.

We all have a deep-seated understanding that we are capable of much more. We might simply require assistance in some way. It’s interesting how once you make a decision, the path shows up. You begin to meet people, and things start to happen.

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What Does That Mean?

Well, this one should go without saying. If you wanted something safe, you would have built a fortress rather than a ship, even though a ship may be safe in a harbor. A ship is susceptible to the wind, waves, rocks, reefs, enemy action, and other factors because it is by nature lighter than water. However, unlike a fortress, it can move in any direction that the wind, waves, and crew choose.

A ship is designed to navigate the seas, break through waves, brave bad weather, and travel to far-off ports. Ships are made to travel, whether it’s to trade goods, win over the locals, or unleash a nation’s wrath. They are almost useless in a harbor. They run a risk once they leave the harbor.

Safe Harbours

It is crucial for ships to have safe harbors. For their work, they require locations that can be resourced and repaired. However, a ship that is anchored all the time is not serving its purpose.

The Christian faith doesn’t exist for it to be practiced in churches, either. It makes sense that people would want things that are comfortable, safe, and reassuring. The church, however, must never become a social outpost or a restricted area. When it does, it is not performing its duty. It also gets incredibly boring.

Embodying A Message

Rather, the church exists to enable the sharing and embodying of a message. To live their daily lives for Christ, believers require encouragement and equipping. But the main setting in which they do this is in the real world: in our homes, places of employment, communities, clubs, social gatherings, online forums, and everywhere else we go.

God does not assign His Church a mission. He has a Church for His mission. To see a world more full of people who “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God” (Micah 6:8), the mission is to share the story of the one who brought life in all its fullness.

All Christians are missionaries, carrying this message to the world.

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Not Made For The Harbour

This article is short because I want everyone to watch this new song from Along with being a fantastic musician, Andy Flannagan serves as the organization’s executive director. Give the lyrics and the wonderful pictures that accompany them some thought.

Pray for God to deliver us from religion, and continue to pray. a faith that is only practiced in holy environments, from its deathly coziness.

Let’s venture out of the harbor’s protection and into the deeper water. It might feel unsafe and things could get bumpy. However, faith is for things like this.

A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For (Newest)
A Ship In Harbor Is Safe, But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For (Newest)

Why Is It Important To Strike A Balance Between Safety And Risk?

While absolute safety is nice, there isn’t much you can do when you are in it. You must put some of your safety on the line and take risks in order to accomplish things. The absence of risk results in a life that is hardly worth living, even though caution plays a significant role in striking a balance between safety and risk.

Ships are constructed to withstand risk. By determining how high the sides of the ships are, they balance the risks associated with the seas and waves. Compared to small lakes or rivers, seagoing vessels are more maneuverable. All aspects of seafaring life, including armament, propulsion, crew quarters, cargo, and others, involve a delicate balance of safety and risk.

Final Words

Make a list of all your safety concerns for each of the things you want to do. After you’ve made a list of them, think about each item one at a time. If you wanted to feel safer or more confident about your security, think about what it would take.

Take into account the data you could compile to assist you in minimizing risks by helping you better understand them. Who could you turn to for assistance in learning a necessary skill so you can gain more self-assurance? Is there a professional who can help you become more conscious of your actions and, as a result, safer by helping you understand the consequences of your choices? Can you enroll in classes or receive training?

Examine every safety worry you have and try to come up with a solution. Think about alternatives as well. Do you have to skydive alone or would a tandem jump, which would literally involve having a professional skydiver strapped to your back, be something you’d consider for increased safety?

The risk may or may not be worthwhile in the end, but if all you ever do is hide inside your fortress, chances are you won’t be as happy with life as you would be if you were actually living it.

I appreciate you reading, a lot.