Flat Feet

About 20-30% of the population face the deformity of flat feet (falling arches) The question arises: are Buchan shoes suitable for flat feet? A good pair of shoes is the main method for treating flat feet recommended by podiatrists. Flat shoes distribute the weight of the body evenly over the feet. In addition, it provides cushioning and stability for walking miles without stimulating those tired feet. This will ease your previous pain and prevent new problems.

Why Do People Get Flat Feet?

normal feet &Flat Feet

Flat feet may be an abnormal sign from childhood. A broken or dislocated bone may be the cause of your abnormality. Damage may also result in the collapse of the arch-like PTT (posterior tibial tendon). Sometimes, neurological problems can be the mainstay of the problem. Other factors may include obesity, diabetes and aging.

Issues Caused By Flat Feet

Because flatfoot is an abnormal phenomenon, it will bring some problems.

It makes walking difficult.

Standing for a long time can be annoying.

  • It makes running difficult.
  • It can cause ankle pain.
  • It may result in hammer toe and tibial splint.
  • It may also lead to uneven weight distribution.
  • Because of these problems, flat-footed people are not allowed to join the army.

What Are Birkenstocks?


Buchan shoes originated in Germany, is a comfortable sandal, that soon swept the world. These sandals are usually known for their imitation cork and rubber insoles.

How long do Birkenstocks Sandals Last?

Generally speaking, their rated mileage is about 150-300 miles.

This may mean different things to different people, but on average, they do last for years.

In extreme cases, a very heavy person may walk regularly for less than a year.

Buchan shoes may even have been worn by a thinner person who walks less for more than a decade.

Buchan shoes are expensive, but they can last a long time.

Pros and Cons of Birkenstocks

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of Buchan Sandals:


  • Buchan sandals are generally made of high-quality materials.
  • These materials are durable and of high quality.
  • These materials are considered environmentally friendly.
  • They are considered durable and of high quality.
  • They do have a heel cup of about 8mm that supports the heel.
  • They do provide adaptive arch support.
  • Cork latex material really fits your feet.
  • The shoe bed has open pores, so it is very breathable.
  • They have a long history of reliability.
  • As we all know, these watchbands are made of high-quality leather.
  • Because the Buchan shoes support your feet, this can re-train your muscles and tendons to walk straighter.


  • The drawback of Buchan shoes is usually the price.
  • Fortunately, through online shopping, prices have fallen dramatically.
  • The overall design is still like a flip-flop. Therefore, it will never be as supportive as a good pair of shoes.
  • A good pair of shoes and a good custom orthosis are always more effective in relieving foot pain.
  • Due to the pull-through design, a higher level of activity can lead to ankle sprains and foot injuries.

6 Reasons Birkenstocks are Good for Flat Feet

Buchan shoes are perfect for flat feet. But what makes it so unique to the wearer? Let’s dig deeper.


We are still not tired of explaining the comfort of Birkenstocks shoes! Because the shape Birkenstock chose for his shoes is reliable for people with certain foot conditions. Birkenstock’s arch support makes it very popular with people with low arch feet. It also strongly recommends the high-quality materials it spends.

Deep Heel Cup

Some burdens have a deep heel cup that aligns your feet with your ankles, knees, and hips. This helps with foot and back pain and prevents them from getting worse.

Yes, there is no doubt that Buchan shoes are suitable for flat feet. Many podiatrists recommend this shoe brand to people with this foot disease. Unless your doctor advises you to use any specific shoes, you can try this German shoe brand, which we hope will become your holy grail from the first day.

Buchan Shoes Prevent Excessive Pronation

As you already know, flat feet can cause some people to over pronate. Excessive pronation is when your ankles roll too far when you walk. Accidents and injuries are everyday things with such problems. Buchan sandals distribute weight throughout the foot. This helps control pronation while walking.

Buchan Shoes are Durable

Every time we buy something, there is always a question that bothers us: “will it serve us for a long time?” Yes, it will, although it may cost you a lot of money. Durability depends on the material, which not only gives it a solid shape but also makes it look unique. Buchan shoes never compromise their quality, so they are durable.

Comfortable Insoles

Footwear manufacturers always place soft cork insoles that support cushioning. You’ll also find the toe easy because it has a nice toe stick. Insoles are also very suitable for wearing in winter because shoes will feel warm and comfortable.

Birkenstocks Sandals Have Four Layers:

Birkenstock-designed shoes have four layers and excellent arch support. The bottom layer has shock absorption capability, allowing you to walk for miles easily. Then textured skin also makes it non-slip. It is now the second and third floor; Both try to keep their feet dry when walking on water. Yes, catch it before you go to the beach next time. Here, we reach the top layer, the cork insole layer. This hugs your feet and makes them feel comfortable. Literally, cushioning makes your feet feel at home. The cherry-shaped support on the top arch support will lift your fallen arch and support your weight. So the pain in your toes and ankles will decrease over time.

How to Make Birkenstocks More Comfortable for Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks on feet

Here are some tips that can help you in getting the desired results for Birkenstocks:

  • When tying, make sure there is enough space between the strap and the foot so that the fingers can swing.
  • When walking, your feet should not touch the edge of the shoe bed.
  • Your feet should be free to move when you walk.
  • To run incorrectly, wear Buchan shoes for at least 30-40 minutes every day.
  • If your feet are injured, reduce the time limit for wearing them.
  • If things go well, slowly increase the time limit.

By following these steps and tips, you can ensure that your Buchan shoes are the perfect sandals/shoes for you without causing any trouble to your flat feet.

How to Choose Sandals for Flat Feet?

If you buy new sandals for yourself and have flat feet, there are a few things to consider. Which is:

Doctor’s advice: once diagnosed with flatfoot, don’t be late for medical treatment. Only your doctor knows more about you and your feet than any of us. When choosing sandals for low arches, ask your podiatrist if you have any specific advice.

Usage intention: in addition, you must consider how to use these sandals. For example, walking or hiking in the morning may require buying sandals, and then you should choose something heavier because it will protect your feet. More serious sandals absorb shock when walking or running for a long distance.

Arch support: more importantly, arch support is a key factor in choosing flat foot sandals. If you are looking for sandals that can provide excellent arch support, it will be helpful, which is a great choice for feet with drooping arches. It’s best not to buy summer shoes that want arch support. It will only waste some money.


To sum up, the conclusion is that flexible flat feet can also enjoy the comfort of Buchan shoes, but the extremely stiff arch will not feel relaxed in these shoes.