Klondike Bars

Are Klondike bars gluten-free?

No, unfortunately, they’re not. The manufacturing process used by Klondike is unsafe for people who have gluten allergies or intolerances. Their factories do not operate in allergen-free environments, despite their best efforts to prevent cross-contamination. 

But they asserted that this might not be fixed in stone. Although it’s not ideal, they are currently unable to work in a way that is suitable for individuals following a gluten-free diet. Having said that, there’s a chance they’ll alter the ingredients and manufacturing procedure in the future, so you might want to keep an eye out for that. 

Let’s investigate Klondike’s bars further to determine precisely what makes them inappropriate.

What Are Klondike Bars?

A well-known brand of frozen treats, Klondike is available in bars, sandwiches, cones, and even shakes. The company first offered Klondike Bars as an ice cream bar in 1922.

A square of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate is their original Klondike Bar. Even today, this remains one of the most well-liked products for the brand. However, Klondike has since added new flavors to their line of products, including Choco Tacos and various kinds and flavors of ice cream cones.

The Choco Taco is probably something you’ve heard of if you’ve ever seen an ice cream truck pass by. When the ice cream truck came by, it was always a major attraction for the kids in my neighborhood.

The traditional vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating on Klondike Bars are no longer present. The bars come in a variety of flavors, and the chocolate coating contains crispy bits. 

Why Is It Called A Klondike Bar?

The Klondike bar was created by the Isaly Dairy Company of Mansfield, Ohio in the early 1920s and named after the Klondike River of Yukon, Canada. Good Humor-Breyers, a department of Unilever, eventually purchased the rights to the name.

What Flavors Do Klondike Bars Have?

The flavors and options for Klondike Bars are varied. According to the brand’s website, this is the current selection of Klondike Bars. Five major product categories are sold by them: bars, cones, shakes, sandwiches, tacos, and minis.


  • Original Vanilla Bar
  • Krunch Bar
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Bar
  • Heath Bar
  • Double Chocolate Bar
  • Reese’s Bar
  • Dark Chocolate Bar
  • No Sugar Added Vanilla Bar
  • No Sugar Added Krunch Bar
  • Cookies & Creme Bar


  • Coocoo for Caramel & Vanilla Caramel Classic Cones
  • Cookies ‘N Cream & Nuts For Vanilla Cones
  • Nuts For Vanilla Cones
  • Reese’s Chocolate & Reese’s Peanut Butter Cones
  • Cookies ‘N Cream Cones
  • Double Down Chocolate & Classic Chocolate Cones
  • Unicorn Dreamin’ & Vanilla Chillin’ Cones
  • Nuts for Vanilla & Classic Chocolate Cones


  • Sit Back & Strawberry Shake
  • Wind Down & CHocolate Shake
  • Chill Out & Chocolate Shake


  • Classic Vanilla Sandwich
  • Cookies & Creme Sandwich
  • Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich


  • Choco Taco


  • Original Vanilla Mini Bar
  • Reese’s Mini Bar

How Are Klondike Bars Made?

Those are the components of a Klondike bar:

Corn Syrup, Cream, Nonfat Milk, Coconut Oil, Whey, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor (Processed with Alkali), Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Milk, Caramel Color, Soybean Oil, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Natural and Artificial Flavor

Are Klondike Bars Gluten-free?

Nope. That’s what the website for Klondike says. The products from Klondike contain gluten. Although we don’t run allergen-free manufacturing facilities, all of our facilities do have allergen management programs. These initiatives aim to prevent unintentional allergen cross-contamination between products.”

They continue, saying that “Our product labels adhere to the FDA’s strict regulations regarding declaration of ingredients and allergens.” We do not obfuscate the presence of any allergens by using the terms “natural” or “artificial flavorings.” We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that allergic customers refer to ingredient declarations EVERY TIME they purchase processed foods as recipes can change.”

Since they are very clear that the majority of their products do contain gluten ingredients, if you follow a gluten-free diet, you should probably avoid this brand of ice cream bar.

If you don’t care about gluten or cross-contamination, picking a Klondike Bar flavor with no obvious gluten ingredients might feel risky. Again, this is kind of an “at your own risk” situation because the brand makes it clear that they don’t take any safety measures to keep the gluten ingredients separate on their manufacturing lines.

Klondike Bars

Are Klondike Bars Real Ice Cream?

Klondike Original is a certified kosher ice cream bars made with no artificial growth hormones used on cows. Each and every frozen dessert bar and scoop of Klondike Original ice cream is made with premium ingredients. You can share these simple desserts—Klondike ice cream bars—with friends and family because they come in a 6-pack.

Are Klondike Bars Good For You?

Although Klondike Bars don’t appear to be very large, they contain 250 calories, 11 grams of unacceptable saturated fat, 14 grams of fat, and 23 grams of sugar. Somehow the square design is deceptive, as these desserts actually weigh 85 grams, making them one of the largest and unhealthiest options available.

What Are The Alternatives To Klondike Bars?

  • Halo Top. 
  • Yummy Dairy Free So Delicious. 
  • Yasso.
  • Chilly Cow.
  • Arctic Zero.
  • Cado. 
  • Enlightened. 
  • Breyers Delights.


If you enjoy Klondike Bars, be aware that this particular brand of ice cream won’t be suitable for your gluten-free diet. While not all of their products may contain gluten, the brand makes it clear that you should be aware of gluten in all of their various products and flavors. 

Keep an eye out for gluten-free labels on additional products in the frozen treats section of the grocery store since there are numerous other ice cream flavors and ice cream bars that are free of protein.

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