Kongs and your dog are a perfect match. Every dog lover is familiar with Kong. Kong toys are one of the most popular pet choices today. There are also different sizes and types, which means that no matter how big your pet is or what his needs are, there is a Kong there for him/her! However, like all toys, they tend to get dirty and start to cause health problems. Is there any way to avoid this? Can we use the dishwasher? Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your dog’s favorite toys clean!

Is Kongs Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, Kong Classic rubber toys are top-shelf dishwasher safe and can be washed with your other dishes. But there are a few things you should remember. First of all, you should only clean Kong Toys in the top dishwasher, which is only applicable to the brand’s classic rubber toys. You can also use ordinary dishwasher detergent.

How to Wash Kong Toys with Dishwasher

Wash Kong Toys with Dishwasher

Before putting the toy into the dishwasher, let it soak in warm and soapy water for about an hour to loosen all the dirt.

You can put your Kong dog toys and other dishes in the dishwasher. You can even use the detergent you usually use to wash dishes.

This should be enough to remove all bacteria from the toy and keep it clean the next time you apply peanut butter.

The Alternative Ways to Wash Kong Toys

If the dishwasher is not your choice, or you want to find another way, read on!

Handwash: take a large bowl of warm water. The bowl should be large enough to completely submerge Kong. Mix the soap in warm water and leave the toy in it for at least an hour. After waiting, clean the toy with a bottle brush, and then rinse it.

Quick cleaning: if you want to quickly wash away your saliva, use a hose in the garden, or use warm water from the tap. If there are food fragments stuck in the toy, use high pressure.

Using Special Tools: It is convenient to clean the inside and outside of the toy with a brush. Because it has cracks on both sides, it is difficult for ordinary dishwashing sponges to touch these cracks.


During the cleaning process, if you see a loose part hanging up, or you think it has been played enough, we suggest you change the toy. Despite their long lifespan, they still play and chew regularly. When this occurs, loose debris may cause asphyxiation and other hazards.

I hope this article can help you easily clean your dog’s Kong Toys.