can babies sense pregnancy before you know

Babies and toddlers frequently sense pregnancy before the expectant mother even realizes it, according to a common belief among pregnant women. Some women firmly believe this, and you’ll hear accounts of it from friends, family, and coworkers who attest that children can detect pregnancy.

Sadly, there is no proof that newborns are able to detect pregnancy before you do. One reason is that babies’ senses are still developing, which limits their ability to detect pregnancy cues. Additionally, rather than necessarily being affected by a pregnancy, it’s possible that your baby is reacting to a shift in mood. And finally, pregnancies will unavoidably affect babies differently.

The fun sixth sense that infants seem to possess will be explored in this article. Although the ability to sense pregnancy is an odd superpower for a child to have, after hearing about it or experiencing it for yourself, you might end up becoming a believer.

Can Babies Sense Pregnancy Before You Know?

Do we mean that children have some sort of supernatural ability or knack for it when we say that they can sense pregnancy? Not really.

As was already mentioned, the general public rarely has the ability to tell when someone is pregnant; instead, their mother usually has this ability.

These are the indications that experts believe toddlers can use to determine whether a woman is pregnant.

They Want a New Sibling

Young children frequently tell their mothers that they wish they could have another child. They yearn to play with a sibling. With an only child and a new mother, this scenario is especially true.

The young child is lonely and longs for a playmate because the new mom may not have interacted with many women who have children in the same age range as theirs.

The perception of young children is frequently overlooked by adults. They ask for a new baby, and mom may say, “We’re working on it, my sweetheart, Daddy, and I. Hopefully soon!”

In the aforementioned scenario, the mother might utter those words to calm down a young child who is pining for a new pregnancy. The toddler learns, however, that their parents are making every effort to fulfill the wish of a new playmate.

So that toddler will now listen closely anytime the words “pregnant” or “baby” is said by the parents.

So, if you whisper to your husband that you may be pregnant but aren’t sure and that your period is late, your toddler might overhear and start watching for changes in you and indications that your belly is expanding.

can babies sense pregnancy before you know

Overheard Conversations

When toddlers and older kids are around, pregnancy is a topic that is discussed. The fact that children are even listening is frequently unknown to adults.

However, when you tell your friend or your mother over the phone that you’ve been trying to conceive or that you believe you might need to take a pregnancy test soon, those kids hear you and begin to assume things and search for clues.

You’ll hear many tales where a woman claims that her partner is the only person outside of herself who is aware of the potential pregnancy.

However, your toddler’s backseat neighbors can hear that private conversation you have in the car. Your young child soon begins to pretend to be a detective.

They Notice Physical Changes before Other People

You probably know your body better than a toddler does.

They are exactly the right height to be at eye level with your belly if you stop to think about it.

If they were breastfed, they are fully aware of your breast size. They don’t respect your personal space and are constantly in your face.

Your hair’s texture and appearance are known to them.

They are more aware of your facial features than you are. So they become aware of belly bloating early in pregnancy.

They will even begin to rub your belly before they notice any bloating or changes to let you know they are about to become a big brother or big sister.

There could be breakouts on your face or there might not. It’s possible that you have larger, softer breasts. Toddlers are aware that all these things together equal a baby.

They Sense the Change in Stress Levels

When you are pregnant, your hormones go crazy.

Toddlers focus on and become fixated on even the smallest changes in mom’s mood. They may have heard you speak with them about the nine months you spent pregnant and how your stress level increased, and they may have made the connection between that and the exciting news of a new baby.

Your feelings might be extreme and erratic, and you might come off as anxious.

You might be surprised to learn that kids can sense their mother’s emotions more than you think. Your child may become more attached, rubbing her stomach, and start asking aloud what is going on in these circumstances.

You might start to question whether you’re pregnant as a result. Children can give us the impression that something is wrong with us before we even know it, so it’s not so much that they can tell when you are carrying a baby in your belly.

can babies sense pregnancy before you know

How Do Babies Act When They Know You’re Pregnant?

Babies may exhibit unusually high levels of fussiness, a change in appetite, or other symptoms if they learn that there is a baby inside them. If one baby responds to pregnancy in this way, it doesn’t follow that all babies will. One thing to keep in mind when you’re expecting a child is that while they might behave differently around you, they don’t necessarily understand what’s going on. A baby is not psychic just because it can detect pregnancy.

Additionally, because they can sense your stress and anxiety, a child’s behavior during pregnancy may change. Your child may begin to act out as a result of your emotions if you are worried about the pregnancy. Although it’s impossible to know for sure whether or not infants can sense pregnancy, it is obvious that they are perceptive to changes in their surroundings and the people around them.

Some infants may become quieter and more reflective than usual. Additionally, they might begin to react to stimuli like lights and sounds more strongly. Many newborns begin their nightly sleep patterns earlier than usual. When babies learn that their parents are expecting a child, there is no one right way for them to behave. However, most infants display some of the aforementioned traits in anticipation of the birth of a new sibling.

The Bottom Line

Your babies may not be able to understand how pregnancy develops, but they are highly skilled at recognizing when it has.

As a result, it might be a good idea to pay attention if your child starts mentioning that mommy is going to have a baby soon. It’s possible that your toddler overheard you sharing your tale with the other parents who vowed to have experienced the same thing.

If you have any additional queries or would like to share your experience, kindly comment below. Thanks for reading!