Can Rose Quartz Go In Water An Ultimate Guide

Alternative and holistic medicine have flourished in recent years. As a means of treating mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions, crystals are used by many people. Agate, quartz, and opal crystals are some of the preferred options.

Can you put Rose Quartz in water? YES!

Rose Quartz can go in water without any fear of damage. Because Rose Quartz is a hard crystal and can therefore be submerged in water without risk of damage, it can be cleaned by soaking it in lukewarm, soapy, or spring water.

Numerous people continue to favor rose quartz gemstones in particular. The radiant pink crystal is renowned for its potent love energy and healing properties. However, you must first consider one very important question: can rose quartz be submerged in water? before making a purchase of this coral-colored crystal. To find out, keep reading.

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What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a brilliant crystal that has a distinctly light pink hue. It is one of the most alluring varieties of quartz, distinguished by its stunning glow and distinctive rosy hue.

These days, rose quartz is available in talismans, jewelry, home decor, office decor, and skincare products. For instance, rose quartz face rollers have recently become a must-have item for many well-known beauty experts. They assert that these face rollers maintain your face’s smoothness and freshness in addition to reducing swelling.

Rose quartz is renowned as a stone that emits potent vibrations of positive emotions like love and joy when it comes to spiritual healing. Additionally, this pastel mineral’s primary virtue is said to be pure love according to some traditions. So, gurus advise rose quartz as a remedy for a lonely heart if you ever find yourself in need of a little love.

How Does Rose Quartz Fare In Water?

Since all crystals are made up of a variety of different minerals, the composition has a significant impact on the gem’s hardness. For instance, rose quartz is a member of the family of crystals known as quartz, which are primarily silicon and oxygen-based minerals. Tiny amounts of metals like iron, titanium, or manganese are the source of its distinctive pink color.

The presence of water could be a crystal’s death sentence depending on its structural makeup. When placed in water, even for a brief period of time, soft mineral crystals begin to fracture and dissolve. On the other hand, crystals made of harder minerals can float in water unharmed for days or even weeks.

How do you determine which crystals are safe for the water? It can be difficult to gauge a rock’s hardness level because every rock feels hard to the touch. Fortunately, you can determine the answer by consulting the Mohs hardness scale if you are unsure.

Is Rose Quartz Water Safe?

Rose Quartz (and other crystals from the Quartz family) score a solid 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, hence you can put Rose quartz can be submerged in water without fear of losing any of its original properties.

Now that you are aware that Rose Quartz can be safely submerged in water, there are a few additional factors to take into account when it comes to various other types of water, including bathwater, moonwater, and saline water.

Can Water Be Used To Cleanse Rose Quartz?

Since Rose Quartz metaphysically absorbs negative energy and physical imbalances, it aids you in your healing process.

In turn, rose quartz emits positive energy while absorbing any surrounding negative energies.

Rose Quartz must be cleaned and recharged frequently to maintain its vibrational frequencies for chakra balancing and other intention-setting purposes. This is necessary because energy accumulation can cause your crystal’s healing energy to become blocked.

Since rose quartz is water-safe, washing it with water is the most straightforward and well-liked method of cleaning it.

Rose quartz can be cleaned by holding it under running cold water or submerging it in a bowl of cold water for 2 to 5 minutes. Water is an excellent neutralizer and cleanser that removes all the dirt from your lovely pink stone.

Charge your rose quartz after cleaning it to activate its healing abilities for both physical and emotional ailments.

Can Rose Quartz Go In Water An Ultimate Guide
Can Rose Quartz Go In Water? An Ultimate Guide

Rose Quartz Can It Be Used In Salt Water?

Given its moderate hardness, rose quartz can be submerged in saltwater without risk. However, it is not advised to soak Rose Quartz in saline water for more than 12 hours as the crystal’s surface may be harmed if exposed to salt for extended periods of time.

Some crystal enthusiasts prefer to use the purifying qualities of natural water sources, such as ocean and seawater, to wash their Rose Quartz.

While this is an excellent and effective method for cleaning your crystal, it is not available to everyone. As a result, it is advised that you clean Rose Quartz by making a saltwater bath at home and placing the crystal in it for a few hours to obtain a refreshed and energized Rose Quartz.

In Moon Water, Can Rose Quartz Be Placed?

Moonlight is another method for cleaning crystals that uses the recharging and enhancing power of the moon to restore and strengthen the energy of rose quartz.

Moon water can be made by placing purified, fresh water in a clear glass jar outside, close to nature, or on a window sill where it can fully absorb the feminine energy of the moon.

The piece of rose quartz can then be submerged in the charged water to allow the crystal to absorb the subtle vibrations of the water.

A Full Moon or Supermoon is an excellent time to charge Rose Quartz in moon water due to the heightened Your crystal will be energized by the full moon energy, which will also benefit your health in a number of other ways.

Can You Put Rose Quartz In The Bath?

You must include Rose Quartz in your crystal bathing ritual because adding Rose Quartz to bath water is a wonderful way to absorb the energy of compassion and love that this crystal contains.

By producing energizing energy, rose quartz helps you establish a relaxing bathing environment.

Dump Bath Bombs or other natural and organic bathing products that go well with your Rose Quartz-infused bath to make your bathing experience more luxurious.

However, you should avoid using potentially harmful bath products like bath salt, and any product having harsh chemicals in them since they may harm your Rose Quartz.

Can I Take My Rose Quartz Into The Shower?

The moment you purchase your first rose quartz crystal, the healing energy begins to work its magic. You start to crave more as the crystal gradually removes all the negative feelings.

Where do you feel the calmest? Probably in the shower or bath. Many people use their shower time as a time for reflection and meditation. The healing process is started by putting gemstones on specific body parts or all around the tub. The question is, though, whether it’s a good idea to use your favorite rose quartz stone in the shower.

You know the answer is yes based on the information gathered. There are many different bathing rituals that can be found online. These crystal healing rituals can be very helpful because they encourage self-care as well as physical and mental healing. Without worrying that your rose quartz crystals will be damaged, you can enjoy your shower.

Cleaning Methods For Your Rose Quartz

Whether you think crystals have healing properties or you just like how beautiful they look, they are gorgeous gems. But if you want your rose quartz talisman or gem to keep its brilliant appeal, regular cleaning is required. According to your needs and beliefs, there are different methods available.

There is an easy solution if you are worried that water will harm your priceless gem. Instead of using water to polish your quartz, try using a gentle piece of fabric. The smooth surface of the stone shouldn’t be harmed and all the dirt and impurities should be removed.

Stones That Cannot Be Washed With Water

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The softer end of the scale is now reached, and these are the stones that should not be washed in water in order to preserve their gentle nature. Your relationship with your crystal collection will become stronger if you practice kindness, compassion, and intention with your gems. Smudging, using other crystals that naturally cleanse, and the no contact water method (leaving stones next to a glass of water without them getting wet) are all safe, non-invasive alternatives to using water to clean these stones. These gems are the ones you should avoid soaking or even spritzing…


This dreamer’s stone is mystical and magical, and it’s all about intuition, third eye healing, and tapping into higher notes of wisdom.


This spotless, clear-headed gem, which is always willing to go with the flow, emits a calming vibration that can bring order to chaos, strengthen our sense of self, and cleanse the aura and chakras as well.


This blue stone with copper flecks embodies inner strength and balance at all times. The third eye chakra is also opened by azurite.


Despite the fact that Kyanite is imbued with water energy, it is sufficiently pure on its own. It is well known for having a sense of calmness, presence, and quiet power.


The desert rose delight of Selenite is blessed with divine feminine energy and rejuvination. renowned for moon magic and connections to angels.


Apatite, a stone with a strong commitment to the truth, clears the throat chakra, stimulates creativity, and assists in yin-yang energy balancing as needed.


removes emotional stress, awakens psychic abilities, and aids in directing energy toward activities that are in line with your soul.


The core of this calming purple stone is emotional harmony and inner peace. Clear obstacles, treat past injuries, and cultivate self-acceptance.


This angelic stone opens up your higher chakras and fills you with a beautiful, calming, uplifting energy.


This blue-green gem tempts you to move into acceptance, speak your truth, build your trust, and let go of that which is unhelpful because it is filled with flowing and purifying energy.


Hematite is a sturdy and protective stone that helps you feel stronger and keeps your blood flowing smoothly. You feel tethered and prepared to stand tall thanks to a blood stone that grounds and protects you.


The lovely pale pink stone known as Kunzite contains the qualities of love, devotion, and divine heart-healing. Kunzite, which has high vibrations, clears the way for you.


Gypsum is a soft, sweet substance that is great for breaking bad habits, transitioning from stress to calm, and developing healthy boundaries.

Black Tourmaline

This inky stone can keep us fiercely protected and full of life because it is a negative energy scavenger and is loaded with potent grounding forces.


This rich and wonderful golden nugget gem will boost your masculine energy, enhance the health of your lungs, and increase your optimism.


Moonstone is magic for new beginnings, overcoming PMS issues, and enhancing fertility because it is ripe with feminine energy and always prepared to help us accept cyclical changes.


This delicate pink gem will help you to open your heart, heal old wounds, and purge your environment of negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli

This gem of starlit blue and gold embodies creativity and clarity. In order to access inner wisdom, think more abstractly, and express feelings and emotions, lapis is a soothing stone.


Turquoise’s calm and pure energy can help you feel comforted and supported. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system and encourages good energy.


This peaceful and harmonious hope stone will help you to relax and connect with universal love.


With the benevolent energy of angelite, feel whole and healed. Angelite, a stone that is incredibly calming, can reduce anxiety and give you a serene presence.


absorbs negative energy and awakens the chakras, particularly the heart chakra. Malachite is incredibly pliable and highly toxic in water. Don’t touch any water it has been in and keep it away from any bodies of water.

However, if polishing does not sufficiently clean the rose quartz, you can soak it in water for a short while. Just make sure it completely dries afterwards. Turn the stone a few times as it dries to keep water from gathering in the teeny crevices.

On the other hand, some proprietors of crystal stores strongly advise using water as the primary cleaning agent for crystals. You should be able to fix your gem by soaking it in a cup of salted water for three tablespoons. Additionally, saltwater is frequently used in some traditional practices to purge negative energy from stones.

Alternative techniques include rubbing essential oils like rose, jasmine, and lavender onto rose quartz crystals. Others advise putting purifying stones like selenite close to the love crystal to help with spiritual purification.


Although rose quartz can be submerged in water, we DO NOT advise doing so for an extended period of time.

Numerous pieces of online advice will be in opposition to this.

Many thanks for reading.