How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save An Ultimate Guide

Do you wish to know how to cheat “drive safe and save?” Leave what you are doing and read this article instead. Everything you need to know about the Drive Safe and Save program is covered here, along with information on how to trick the program.

To cheat drive safe and save: you are supposed to avoid driving too quickly, prevent distractions, maintain your focus on the road, maintain adequate tire pressure, and turn off bluetooth.

What Is Drive Safe And Save? One of the programs offered by State Farm auto insurance is called Drive Safe And Save. It presents a chance to reduce the cost of auto insurance. You can earn up to 30% by signing up and taking part in this program. Downloading the app or activating OnStar, if your car has it, will get you going.

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How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save?

As stated above, there are ways to cheat “drive safe and save thereby increasing your score and by extension your discount. The following are how to cheat “drive safe and save”.

Do Not Speed

Avoid driving too quickly if you want to cheat, drive prudently, save money, and raise your discount score. In other words, keep a reasonable speed limit. One of the main contributors to accidents on modern roads is excessive speed. So, by not speeding, you advance your chances of earning a high score.

To Prevent Distractions, Maintain Your Focus On The Road

Being focused while driving is another way to Drive Safe and save. Avoid using any distractions while driving, especially using a phone or drinking alcohol.

Maintain Adequate Tire Pressure

Always check your tire pressure as another way to save money, drive safely, and cheat. Driving with underinflated tires can make stopping more difficult and lower your score. Additionally, it may cause your tire to blow out more quickly and reduce your ability to get enough fuel. These all constitute poor driving practices.

Turn Off BlueTooth

By temporarily disabling your Bluetooth at a certain point, you can also very cunningly get around Drive Safe and Save. As a result, the system won’t be able to track your driving until it is turned on.

How Does Cheat Drive Safe And Save Work?

Use-based programs like Drive Safe & Save and others rely on the vehicle monitoring technology known as auto telematics. To collect and transmit driving information like location, driving speed, distance traveled, and time of use, this technology relies on cellular and GPS functions in addition to onboard diagnostics. One of the more well-known car telematics systems is OnStar, for instance. For instance, it can be used to locate stolen cars or to assist you in finding your car.

You must use OnStar or download a smartphone app to sign up for Drive Safe & Save. Smartphones running Android and the iPhone can download the Drive Safe & Save app. Call 888-4-ONSTAR (888-466-7827) if you’re using OnStar, or simply press the blue OnStar button.

The Bluetooth beacon you’ll need is the next step, and State Farm will mail it to you. After mounting the beacon to your windshield behind the rearview mirror, you are ready to go. The program will track everything once you start using it, from the time of day you travel to how quickly you brake.

Depending on how you drive, a safety rating will be given to you. The discount you’ll get on your premium is determined by this safety rating.


You must drive safely if you want to benefit from any auto telematics discount program. Before enrolling, be truthful with yourself about your driving safety.

You automatically receive a 10% discount after enrolling in the State Farm Drive Safe & Save program. Your driving will be assessed for a 30% discount after six months. (According to State Farm, discounts occasionally may exceed 30%.)

“State Farm offers one of the highest potential discounts in comparison to other companies like Progressive, Allstate, Travelers and Safeco Insurance,” says At, insurance broker Katie Sopko works independently.

What Driving Patterns Is It Monitoring?

It’s critical to understand that this program eliminates your need to worry about tickets or mishaps. The data is not tracked by Drive Safe & Save. State Farm Drive Safe & Save reviews your score and assigns your discount “based on your annual mileage and driving characteristics,” the company says. Here’s all the driving information the program collects:

Acceleration — You must be mindful of how quickly you accelerate after the car has stopped because the Drive Safe & Save app will penalize you if you do. The concept here is that sudden acceleration can make the car difficult to control.

Braking — You will also lose points if you stop too quickly. While State Farm acknowledges that sudden braking is occasionally unavoidable, doing so frequently may indicate that the vehicle in front of you is being followed too closely. You’ll still get a lower grade even if you have to drive in heavy traffic that necessitates frequent braking.

Cornering — Sharp turns bother the app. You should allow yourself enough time to make a steady, safe turn, is the justification for doing this. Again, it might be challenging to maintain a high score in this area if you’re stuck in heavy traffic.

Using your phone — When the car is moving, the app monitors your phone use, so using your phone while driving will lower your safety rating. It’s critical to pay attention to this, as it may lower your safety rating if the app is active and records a trip while you’re a passenger and looking at your phone. But only in your own car does this happen. According to State Farm, if you are a passenger in a car without a Bluetooth beacon connected to your phone, the app won’t record the trip.

Speed — Your rating will decrease if you go more than eight miles per hour over the posted speed limit on the road you’re on, according to the app. To get the most out of this program, avoid driving quickly on deserted highways like some of us enjoy doing.

Time of Day — Losing points may result from driving after midnight. Driving in too much traffic is similar. The underlying premise is that driving in congested areas or after hours increases the risk of accidents. This program might not be very helpful if your work schedule requires you to commute during these times frequently.

The app will display a map of your route and any driving incidents you encountered after you arrive at your destination. State Farm says that “while not everything the app shows you impacts your discount, they all contribute toward you being the safest driver you can be.” See more about Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

How Can It Save Me Money?

Drive Safe & Save can lower your premium by up to a third, but getting that much of a discount requires extremely cautious driving. The likelihood that you’ll save between 10% and 15% depends on how careful you drive and whether you drive frequently or not. Even then, you’ll need to drive carefully.

“You have to go into it understanding what the expectations of the program are and what the monitoring will be doing, and also have a good understanding of your driving and experience,” Holeman says.

The app keeps track of your driving behaviors every time you get behind the wheel, and if your rating is high enough after six months, you’ll get a discount. However, a nice bonus is that you can save 10% by simply signing up. If you choose to discontinue the program, which you may do at any time, this discount will end.

How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save An Ultimate Guide
How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save? An Ultimate Guide

Is The Drive Safe & Save Program Valuable?

This program can lower your car insurance costs if you drive very carefully or infrequently. However, it’s important to note that the program has strict requirements for safe driving.

“Some of the downsides of the Drive Safe & Save program are that braking hard is sometimes unavoidable especially in busy areas, and the interstate,” Sopko says.

If you currently receive a premium discount for low estimated annual mileage, the program might actually result in an increase in your overall auto insurance premium. Your policy renewal premium will account for the higher mileage if the app determines that you travel more than 7,500 miles annually.


We’ve seen what the Drive Safe and Save program entails and its advantages so far. We also demonstrated four ways for you to save money, drive safely, and cheat. Overall, follow safety precautions and you’ll save more money.

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