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Although bathing a cat is not usually a must, it may be necessary in some cases. We all know that our cats don’t like bathing very much. When they have fleas, it becomes necessary to bathe them with the best shampoo. We have all seen the advertisement for Dawn soap used to clean animals after the oil spill, but can you use Dawn soap to clean your cat? Yes, Dawn soap is usually safe for cats, especially those with fleas. However, cats with skin allergies or wounds should not use Dawn soap. It is always a better idea to use a shampoo specially designed for cats. In this article, we will explore more information about using Dawn to clean cats and how to clean them safely.

Can You Wash A Cat With Dish Soap?

Dishwashing soaps are usually milder than other shampoos and detergents, which means they can be safely used on cats. So you can wash your cat with detergent.

However, there are so many different brands in the market that use different formulas. The type of detergent you use needs to be considered.

Detergent with a mild formula is best because they do not cause serious allergic reactions on cat skin. People usually prefer Dawn Dish Soap because it is mainly designed for animals in emergency situations.

Therefore, it can match the pH value of cat skin and prevent any serious allergic reaction or dryness that may cause cat discomfort.

In addition, you can also use any other detergent with mild ingredients and a non-toxic label in the formula on your cat.

Is It Safe to Wash Your Cat with Dawn?

cat is taking shower with Down soap

Yes, when bathing or washing cats, Dawn Dish Soap is much better than other detergents.

This soap is specially designed for wildlife in case of emergency. Its mild formula keeps it in balance with the pH value of cats. Therefore, after using Dawn Dish Soap, you are unlikely to see allergic reactions on the cat’s skin.

Although Dawn Dish Soap is safe for cats, we still recommend using cat-friendly shampoo to clean and bathe cats because their formula perfectly matches the cat’s skin type.

Therefore, when the cat’s regular shampoo is not available, you should only use detergent as a substitute. If your cat falls into a puddle and becomes muddy or greasy, you can also use Dawn Dish Soap because this formula can remove stains better than ordinary cat shampoo.

Is Dawn Good for Your Cat’s Skin?

Although Dawn can be safely used for your cat and can be effectively cleaned, you should avoid using it. The reason is that although it is very effective for cleaning cats, it is not necessarily good for cat skin. Frequent use of Dawn can cause dry, itchy, and irritated skin.

Dawn dries cat skin because of surfactants and the way they interact with cat skin. Cat skin produces a natural oil called sebum, which is concentrated near the cat’s face, neck, claws, hips, and tail.

In the areas with the highest sebum concentration, also contains pheromones, which your cat uses as part of the odor marking system by rubbing oil on different surfaces. However, sebum also helps keep your cat’s skin moist.

Since the role of surfactants is to reduce the surface tension of oily substances and make them easier to remove, they can also peel sebum from cat skin. Your cat’s skin will not be so moist, causing it to dry and itch. If the skin is excessively dry, it will cause excessive scratching and irritation.

However, stripping sebum from a cat’s skin can also interfere with his odor marking ability. If his skin condition is drier, Dawn may further irritate the cat’s skin.

So if you have to use Dawn to clean your cat, it should only be used occasionally, not regularly. If your cat has a certain skin condition or medical problem, please absolutely avoid using it.

Is Dawn Effective for Cleaning Your Cat?

Dawn Dish Soap is not only safe for cats but also very effective. Whether your cat is contaminated with some soil or grease, or just has a general smell and needs scrubbing, Dawn will immediately repair your cat. As long as he can cooperate with the bath, that’s it.

This soap is designed to break down oil and grease in food residues. It contains a detergent called surfactant. Since oil and water are not mixed, surfactants help to reduce the surface tension of oil and make it easier to remove with water. Because of this cleaning ability, Dawn Dish Soap is usually used to help clean animals affected by oil spills, and for the same reason, it is also suitable for cleaning your cat.

Will Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas?

Dawn Dish soap

Dawn Dish soap won’t kill fleas, but it can be used to give your cat some temporary relief. If nothing else, Dawn will wash the fleas off the cat. However, this doesn’t actually kill the fleas, their larvae, or their eggs.

Dawn should not be used to treat fleas as it does little other than wash them away. You have to use it regularly to see any noticeable results. But we just explained why using Dawn regularly is not a good idea, as it can dry out your cat’s skin.

If your cat does have fleas, it’s best to use a medicated flea shampoo that kills and prevents fleas. Flea shampoos often also contain other ingredients that moisturize and soothe your cat’s skin so it doesn’t dry out.

However, shampoo alone is usually not enough to keep your cat from getting fleas, so you may need to use more than one flea prevention method. Whatever the case may be, Dawn isn’t the ultimate solution for treating fleas on cats. A prescription from a veterinarian is the best way to treat and prevent fleas.

When You Should Use Dawn Dish Soap?

It is ideal & effective to use Dawn dish soap yearly or bi-yearly to give a deep cleaning to cats. Especially if your cats have fleas, there is no better choice than Dawn dish soap.

When Not To Use Dawn Dish Soap?

If you often use Dawn Dish Soap, it will cause your cat’s skin to dry, which is not good. If you use it often, it will actually extract oil from the cat’s skin and dehydrate it. Therefore, it is not suitable for ordinary cats to take a bath.

In addition, Dawn dishwashing soap has a strong smell that may irritate your favorite pet. So you should buy a special cat shampoo for regular cleaning.

How Much Dawn Dish Soap Should You Use On Cats?

When you use it in a cat, quantity is very important. You don’t need to use a lot of soap. Instead, take some warm water in a bowl and add a small amount of Dawn Dish Soap. You can find fleas with a comb and throw them into the water. Repeat this process frequently to remove the entire flea.

After removing the fleas, now remove the water and take fresh warm water and drop a drop of pea-sized soap into the water. Then gently wash off your cat.

Which Dawn Is Safe For Cats?

1. Dawn Ultra Original Dish Liquid

Dawn Ultra Original Dish Liquid

Dawn ultra is the best-selling dish soap. But the surprising fact is that it was cleaning up cats after the tragic oil spill. Especially if you live near the sea, this soap is a lifesaver for your cat.

Because of its perfect cleaning ability, it is worth every penny. In addition to cleaning pans and plates, it also has a good fragrance and good texture, which is very suitable for cleaning cats. It is a multi-functional soap that can resist grease, dirt, and dirt.

Liming super healthy cleaning is the best for your cat. The advanced formula also helps to remove fleas from cats. You do not need to buy extra flea shampoo or soap. In addition, it is a non-toxic and non-cruel soap. Therefore, it saves both money and time and is 100% safe.

2. Dawn Dish Platinum Soap

Dawn Dish Platinum Soap

Dawn brings an improved version of Dawn platinum. It introduces 4x cleaning power to ensure excellent cleaning results. No matter how much dirt there is on your cat’s coat, you can ensure that it is cleaned in a few seconds.

In addition, it is non-toxic and safe for your cat. If your cat accidentally licks it, there is no danger.

One of the common problems with dishwashing soaps is that they provide a pungent smell that irritates cats. Fortunately, however, platinum soap provides the refreshing rain fragrance that cats like.

It is a multifunctional soap that can clean kitchen cabinets, stainless steel, and cats or wild animals. In addition, it takes a few drops of water to clean a large number of dishes or pets. Clean your cat effortlessly with this unique soap. After washing with this soap, you can make your pet look new.

However, it can also remove fleas from your favorite kitten. It is one of the best grease and flea removers for cats or any other pet. If you have a pet, this is the soap you must try.

How To Give Your Cat A Bath Using Dawn Soap?

You don’t have to put your whole cat in a bath. In contrast, bathing a cat with Dawn soap is a little different.

  • Fill the basin with water and add a few drops of Dawn soap.
  • Mix the water well to dissolve it.
  • Dip the flea comb into the water and brush it on the cat.
  • It is then dipped again in water to remove fleas from the comb and transferred to the soap mixture.
  • After removing all fleas, dry the cat with a towel.

You do not have to remove Dawn soap from the cat.


As you can see, the results of washing cats with Dawn Dish Soap are somewhat mixed. Yes, it’s a bit harsh, but if you use it sparingly, it may not cause any harm. If you have to bathe your cat, I suggest you use a detergent specially prepared for cat skin.

They may look the same, but if you plan to clean them relatively frequently, it can make a big difference. As you can see, the results of washing cats with Dawn Dish Soap are somewhat mixed. Yes, it’s a bit harsh, but if you use it sparingly, it may not cause any harm. If you have to bathe your cat, I suggest you use a detergent specially prepared for cat skin.