Is Febreze Safe For Dogs What You Should Know

There are many urban legends going around, and the one about Febreze has upset many dog owners. 

Is febreze safe for dogs? Yes, febreze is safe for dogs when used correctly.

You’ll be relieved to learn that Febreze is completely safe when used as instructed and will eliminate the dog odor that can wreak havoc on furniture. On the couch where my dog Raindog spends the majority of her time relaxing, I liberally spray Febreze. Although an allergic reaction is always a remote possibility, it is most likely to cause minor facial swelling or red eyes. This is true for other household products as well.

Please continue reading the post to see more specific information that I will present to you.

What Is Febreze?

Procter & Gamble produces Febreze, one of the most popular household odor removers on the market.

Since it is so good at getting rid of pet odors, it is the best friend of most pet owners. Everything that stinks can be sprayed with Febreze rather than being washed. Once it has dried, wait until the fabrics have an inviting fresh scent.

Their product line is constantly growing and includes things like wax melts, fragrance plugins, air fresheners, and more. However, the bottle air freshener spray is the most widely used and is what I’m concentrating on in this article.

I listed the best enzymatic cleaners for cat urine here if you’re looking for a powerful cleaning solution.

Ingredients & Toxicity Of Febreze

You need to be completely aware of what’s in a product in order to comprehend any potential risks.

Here is a list of the chemicals found in Fabreze along with their Environmental Working Group (EWG) classifications based on potential health risks and environmental concerns:

Score A – Lowest Concern

  • Nitrogen
  • Water
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Alcohol Denatured

Score B – Low Concern

  • None

Score C – Moderate Concern

  • Dialkyl Sulfosuccinates
  • Benzisothiazolinone
  • Cyclodextrin
  • Unspecified Quality Control Agents

Score D – High Concern

  • Fragrance
  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Deodorizing Agent

There may be warnings that ingredients with a C or D rating may irritate the skin, aggravate allergies, have an adverse effect on the respiratory system, or impair vision.

These, however, are all outcomes that a pet could experience if they touched the solution, got it in their eyes or skin, or spent time in a space where it was being sprayed.

None of which ought to occur if you take Febreze as recommended and use common sense. You wouldn’t spray your cat’s favorite sleeping spot or a dog’s bedding while using it, after all! See more about Are Dog Kongs Dishwasher Safe?

Is Febreze Toxic Or Bad For Cats And Dogs?

You might have heard rumors saying that Febreze has previously caused harm, and even the death, of dogs and cats. Over the years, I’m sure I’ve heard something similar.

I don’t usually act on rumors, especially ones this serious. Therefore, I did some extensive research before starting to write this article.

According to Snopes, a trustworthy tool for determining what has been proven and what is merely a myth or rumor on the internet. The following is a previous statement made about Febreze by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA):

The ASPCA believes that Febreze is safe in households with dogs and cats when used as directed after a careful review by veterinary toxicologists at The ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center and other outside experts.

The phrase “used as directed” is the key phrase in that statement. Almost any product that contains potentially harmful chemicals has the potential to be harmful if used improperly. However, it asserts that proper usage carries no risk of harm to cats and dogs.

What is actually written on a Febreze bottle supports this. I have a bottle of Febreze in my hand, and I’m looking at the label and directions on the back.

Safe to use around dogs and cats. Not to be used near birds, as with other air care products.

Is Febreze Safe For Dogs What You Should Know
Is Febreze Safe For Dogs? What You Should Know

Use Febreze Safely With Pets In The Home

It couldn’t be simpler to use Febreze; all you have to do is squeeze the trigger, spray the affected area until it’s damp, then wait for it to dry.

Despite the product being considered safe for use around pets, I only spray it when my cats are not present. Any items that I can move easily outside get sprayed and given some air.

I make sure my cats are outside and try to keep them out of the room until the bigger items, like a couch or carpet, have dried. This is not a big deal because it typically dries in 15 to 30 minutes.

Every time I let my cats back into the room, they give the areas I sprayed a thorough sniff. It’s a strong smell to their delicate noses, and I’ve noticed it initially causes them to blink and step back.

Dog Stinks, Can You Febreze Him?

No. Things that don’t irritate you might just irritate your dog because their skin isn’t like ours.

It’s not the dog’s fault that your dog stinks. He needs to be bathed with appropriate dog shampoo before the smell disappears. It’s beneficial for both his fur and the smell in addition to both.

Therefore, kindly refrain from using febreeze or deodorant. If you smelled, you’d get a wash, and your dog would do the same.

Safety Precautions Before Letting Pets Out In The Cold

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Dog houses, clean, cozy bedding, twice-daily meals, and liquid water are necessities for sled dogs. I don’t just mean sled breeds when I say “sled dogs,” I also mean a dog that is a member of his actual sled team.

Just in case you were wondering, small animals do pass away. Animals with short hair will pass away. Without a large herd or a barn, the majority of dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals will perish in the open.

In the dead of winter, a neighbor of my parents’ tied a boxer to her cement porch. While it awaited help, the animal trembled for hours. (The same day, my family turned her in to the police. She wouldn’t allow them to assist on the property). She was no longer in charge of the dog. She eventually relocated as a result of her waning popularity.

Who keeps their pets outside during the winter, I wonder? If your pets can’t be kept as pets? Find them a permanent residence; pets are companions, not just furry objects you purchase and keep outside for convenience. Look it up: companions.


Yes, Febreze can be used around cats, dogs, but not birds.

The makers of Febreze have released statements claiming to have tested the product. The animal poison control center for the American Veterinary Medical Association reached the same conclusion after conducting their own independent tests.

As long as you’re using it properly and taking the precautions I outlied above, you can use Febreze around your home to remove pet odors