Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

If you only have a small crack in your windshield, you can drive home safely, but you should prioritize getting your windshield repaired right away. Leaving a small crack unrepaired and continuing to drive will cause the crack to grow. Is it dangerous to drive with a broken windshield? In this article, we’ll tell you the important things about dealing with a cracked windshield.

Can A Cracked Windshield Break While Driving?

Whenever you get into a car and drive out, a range of different factors can cause a windshield to crack. Exposing a car to extreme sunlight is one factor, temperature fluctuations or weather conditions are another.

Even small rocks or shards of asphalt kicked up by other vehicles can shatter the windshield if the pebble hits a weak point in the glass. You know this all too well because that’s what causes the windshield to crack.

Should You Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Should You Drive With A Cracked Windshield

Generally speaking, it is not dangerous to drive with a small crack in the windshield. However, as the crack propagates, it must be replaced as soon as possible. Large cracks and damaged windshields are dangerous for two reasons.

First, a cracked windshield is a weakened windshield. Once you get hit by a rock, causing a crack, you are not protected from the next flying object. Whether it’s an animal crossing the road, falling gravel from a truck, or whatever, it can be dangerous. Once broken, the integrity of the windshield is compromised. Additionally, hitting a deer can easily cause the glass to shatter on the driver and passenger. Also, deer can run on your lap, which is very dangerous.

Second, any kind of reduced visibility while driving is a bad thing. A cracked windshield may only reduce visibility in small spaces but increase visibility. You never know when something will line up perfectly with a crack or blind spot, causing a collision.

How Long Can I Drive With A Crack In My Windshield?

A crack in the windshield reminds you every time you climb into the driver’s side of your car, another thing on your never-ending list of things to do. A cracked windshield, how long can you escape?

There is no specific time frame. Cracks in the windshield can last for days without spreading, or they can last for weeks or even months. You don’t know how long it will last, it’s scary.

We must remind you again that if you do not repair the windshield in time, the risk of the entire windshield shattering increases when you drive the vehicle. You could be seriously injured from broken glass and your car.

Reasons Why You Should Fix a Windshield Crack ASAP

Should You Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

When you have a small crack or chip in your windshield – did you know they’re called “windshields” in the UK? It’s not necessarily dangerous, and if left untreated, it can lead to bigger problems. You should repair your car glass right away for several reasons.

  • 1. Weakened structure

A car windshield isn’t just designed to protect you from the wind; the windshield’s job is to keep you safe from debris, such as the cobblestones that chipped it. When your windows are visibly cracked, it means that the interior structure and layered tempered glass have been damaged, which can reduce the effectiveness of the entire windshield in protecting you from debris.

Think of it as a small crack in the bowl. It didn’t leak. You can’t stick your nails in. In fact, it’s almost invisible. But the more abuse the bowl is subjected to – heat, spoons falling into the bowl, several cycles in the dishwasher – the more the cracks are likely to grow until the bowl finally says goodbye to this cruel, cruel world and you are forced to throw it in the trash.

The same applies to car glass damage. If you’re unlucky, a crack can spell disaster and cause the windshield to shatter completely. Not even WD-40 can stop it. eh

  • 2. Poor visibility

Cobweb windshields are a big no-no for drivers. In most cases, the only thing holding it together is the laminate, but the main problem with large windshield cracks like this one is visibility. You shouldn’t drive if you can’t see out of the window. Call a tow truck to your local auto repair shop to fix the cracked windshield.

  • 3. Weather

Changes in temperature can also have an effect on window glass cracks, especially in cold weather like the one we encountered in Denver. As the temperature drops, the glass shrinks, and cracks spread. Windshield cracks are 60% more likely to grow when the temperature reaches 32 degrees or lower, and when the temperature reaches 0 degrees, all bets are off.

  • 4. Insurance

If your cracked windshield is documented in some way—for example, after a routine Honda Accord oil change, via photos on social media or written records from a service center—then you have an accident, you or others The driver’s insurance company may be able to find it and withhold the benefits. You might even be blamed for this crash, even if you weren’t.

It’s also unwise to delay repairs for windshield shards, cracks, and hail damage, as most auto insurance companies will cover these auto glass services. Ask your insurance agent about your options.

  • 5. Warranty

Unrepaired windshield cracks can also void your vehicle warranty if a warranty part fails due to damaged car glass. It’s rare, but our service technicians and body specialists at the Centennial Collision Center saw something odd.

When Do You Need To Replace Windshield Instead Of Fixing It?

If the windshield shatters, the owner must replace it as soon as possible. Most states in the US have laws against driving without a proper windshield. In addition, the type and quality of the windshield must be the same as the original version of the vehicle. If your windshield is damaged, it’s best to call a specialist as soon as possible.

In many cases, small fragments were obtained from flying rocks. Most of the time, small chips like this can be repaired. It’s as simple as calling a company like Safelite, which will drive to your location and quickly fix your windshield. However, larger cracks (often larger than a dollar) almost always require a full windshield replacement. Unfortunately, damage of this magnitude can severely weaken the windshield in no time, so it’s dangerous to try to repair it rather than replace it.

What Do You Do If Your Windshield Cracks On The Highway?

Imagine a scenario where a huge commercial truck is parked in the lane in front of you on the highway. It changed lanes and kicked up a piece of road debris in the wake. Now you can see a few tiny cracks in the windshield of the car. What should you do?

Below are our recommendations.

  • Pull over and assess the damage

When driving, you need a clear view of the road, especially on busy multi-lane highways. While driving, you can’t pay too much attention to windshield cracks, but you shouldn’t ignore them either.

It is best to park on the shoulder of the road as soon as it is safe to do so. Get out of the car and inspect the windshield for damage. Are the cracks small or large? Does the crack cross your line of sight?

Note: When you see cracks, please do not touch the windshield. Pressing the crack with your finger can cause the crack to expand. Also, you could cut yourself on broken glass!

  • Determine if you can drive home safely

Depending on where the crack occurs or how far it has grown, the driver’s field of vision may be affected.

If you can’t see what’s ahead because of a cracked windshield, it’s dangerous to drive. That’s true whether you’re on a four-lane highway or a quiet residential road.

In the worst cases, as I mentioned above, a cracked windshield can shatter. If you’re in the car when this happens, you could be hit by shards of glass if the structural integrity of the windshield doesn’t work.

Keep these factors in mind when inspecting a cracked windshield.

  • If not, please call a tow truck

If you feel uncomfortable driving the car with the windshield in this state, that’s okay. You are making a safe, informed decision. We recommend hanging out on the shoulder of the highway and calling a tow truck to take your car to the mechanic.


In conclusion, getting a small windshield chip fixed ASAP can save you money. A minor windshield repair is far cheaper than a complete replacement. While a cracked windshield isn’t an immediate danger, it can get worse over time. With every crash and every temperature swing, driving with a cracked windshield becomes more dangerous.