You have tried many ways to convert to the reality you want, but every time you try, you fall asleep. People have created many ways to visualize the reality they want, some of which require you to sleep to work, while others do not. If you are hard to change, every time you feel close, you will wake up in the current reality the next morning, so this blog is for you. If you are hard to change, every time you feel close, you will wake up in the current reality the next morning, so this blog is for you. Come on, I’ll show you how to change reality when you’re awake.

Can You Reality Shift During the Day?

This usually happens in the second half of the night, but there are several ways to make your brain think you are, even during the day. Finally, the reality you want is where you want to go. This can be anywhere you want. There are several ways to bring about a change in reality.

Can you switch to the reality you made up?

Yes, you can convert to your own reality. Just make sure you add as much detail as possible. You set the rules, so there are no restrictions.

How to change the reality? There are many different methods that can be converted, often referred to as conversion methods. Many changers say that listening to the subconscious, meditating, and saying positive affirmations will also help raise your vibration, which in turn will help you shift to the reality you want.

How to Shift Realities While Awake

If you want to enjoy your new reality while awake, here are four different ways to do it.

  • No Sleep/I am Method.
  • Julia Method.
  • Animal Method.
  • 54321 Method.
  • Piano Method.
  • Cinn Method.

1. No Sleep/I am Method

In this way, you can meditate for 5-10 minutes, either guided or by yourself.

Once you relax, move into a comfortable position, close your eyes and repeat “I am” in your mind.

Keep saying these two words until you have any sign of change. Then, start to count slowly from 0 to 100, or count loudly, or count in your heart.

You can also say that some changes are positive, but it is not necessary.

Some positive examples of change are:

  • I am shifting.
  • I like living in the reality I desire.
  • Tonight, I want to return to the reality I want.
  • Change is easy for me.

Once you feel that your surroundings have changed, open your eyes and you should be in the reality you want.

2. Julia Method

Before explaining Julia’s method, I would like to point out that it requires good imagination. Not only can you imagine the protagonist in Wattpad’s companion novel, but also you can imagine something that suddenly appears. If you can’t do this, try other methods.

The Julia method works by listening to sitabo for five minutes, repeating some words as a hypnotic inducement, and counting them slowly until you can imagine your new reality.

This method relies mainly on meditation. When you listen to sitabo, your brain will enter a state of relaxation; Then you begin to repeat some words to describe your new reality.

For example, you start by saying “I live in Beverly Hills” and listing your other fantasies. Then, you should start to count slowly from 1 to 100, so that your mind is completely out of your own reality.

3. Animal Method

Animal Method

With the animal method, you meditate for 5-10 minutes to relax your body and mind.

Then, you lie on the bed like a starfish and slowly count from 0 to 100.

Imagine yourself in a field after you count. Feel the grass under your feet, the wind on your skin, all the smells around you, and so on.

Immerse yourself in that scene.

Then imagine you see an animal (any animal you choose) running towards something.

Start chasing that animal. No matter where it takes you, you must follow it.

After chasing it for a while, imagine it leading you through an entrance to the reality you want.

Now, walk into the portal, stand there, and feel the energy that surrounds you.

This is it! You have now successfully turned to the reality you want!

4. 54321 Method

The 54321 method is so-called because you have to go through a series of processes to change your reality. The way it works is that you need to imagine five things you want to see in a new reality, four things you want to touch, three things you want to hear, two things you want to smell, and one thing you want to taste.

The first thing to do is close your eyes and take 15-20 deep breaths. You want to relax your body, but not sleep.

After counting the number of breaths, start counting the items mentioned above out loud. You should feel that your thoughts are gradually divorced from your reality. You should open your eyes to see your new Dr.

5. Piano Method

Piano Method

My favorite method of lucidity conversion. Using the piano method, you imagine yourself walking in a hall.

The auditorium is full of people talking to each other. There is a piano at the end of the auditorium. You can imagine what you want.

Sit down and start playing a song; Which one doesn’t matter, but what connects you to the reality you want is ideal.

Imagine that you are playing this song slowly. Everyone stops talking and all eyes are on you.

After the performance, stand up and bow.

“Thank you. I must go home now.” You said to everyone as you walked back down the hall.

Imagine that there is a real person at the end of the corridor.

They hold your hand and ask if you are ready to go home.

Promise them, then follow them through a corridor to a huge door with a gold handle. Now they open the door and go into the light.

Follow them when you’re ready. Imagine the stars as you walk in.

Wait until the light disappears, then open your eyes.

You should be in the reality you want now.

6. Cinn Method

The CINN method is a bit strange. It requires a lot of attention, but it works for some people. To do this, you can lie in bed in any way you like, as long as your arms do not touch your torso. If you wear headphones to listen to your affirmation or subconsciousness, it will also help.

Now, focus on the dim darkness behind your eyelids and focus your attention on one place.

Count from 1 to 100 and stop every tenth. When you reach the age of 10, imagine your new shape, voice, hair, etc.

Then, at the age of 20, imagine who you live with and what your house looks like. Up to 100, imagine one more thing for every tenth. So when you live to be 100 years old, your real-world will come to mind.

The Science Behind Reality Shifting

Now, as far as we know, we cannot Apparate from one place to another. Unless your name is Harry Potter and you can use the flynet at any time, you need to actually travel to get to another place. So how does reality change?

Changing your reality depends on self-hypnosis and lucid dreams. Mixing these two situations together, you will eventually imagine reality as real, but it requires a lot of attention.

Lucid dreams usually occur before you wake up, especially during the rapid eye movement phase.

The way conversion works, you begin self-hypnosis through mediation and repeated affirmation. Counting is also considered a form of hypnotic induction.

By doing so, you shift your mind from the current reality and allow it to swing between sleep and wakefulness. So you are fully aware that you can control your lameness and your thoughts, but your thoughts are elsewhere.

When you complete self-hypnosis, your brain will mistakenly think you are asleep. So it begins to imagine your new reality, just as you are in a lucid dream. You are dreaming, but you have complete control over it.

In Summary

Reality transformation is a very powerful tool that we can all access.

It’s just a question of learning how to enter it and use it in a deliberate way.

If it’s hard for you to change the reality or you fall asleep every time, it’s time to try these methods! What kind of lucidity switch would you try?