foods to Eat after root canal treatmen

Although root canal therapy is a common outpatient operation, you may not know what to do after doing it. This is especially true when eating. Generally speaking, the recovery after root canal surgery is more comfortable than a tooth extraction, but you can still eat more soft food after treatment to reduce the pressure on the treated teeth.

Do you want to know what food you can eat after root canal therapy? Read on to learn more about when and what to eat or not after root canal therapy.

When Can You Eat After A Root Canal?

Most dentists recommend waiting until your teeth and gums are no longer numb after root canal treatment. This usually lasts several hours.

It is important not to eat food immediately after root canal therapy, because your gums and sometimes your tongue will be numb. This may cause you to bite your cheek or tongue, or burn your food if you don’t feel it too hot.

You may also damage your temporary fill. Dentists usually place a temporary cap on the teeth after root canal treatment to protect the teeth until the permanent crown is ready.

Eating Guidelines After Root Canal

During root canal therapy, local anesthesia is used in the anesthesia treatment area. This may take two hours to resolve, so we ask you to avoid hot liquids and chewing food until the area is no longer numb. Chewing can cause soft tissue damage when your mouth is numb.

After root canal therapy, avoid sticky foods, such as sugar beans or gum; These can loosen or remove temporary fillings from your teeth. It is best to eat soft food that requires a small amount of chewing; Your teeth may be sensitive for a few days after Root Canal treatment, and hard or hot food may cause irritation. When eating, use the side facing your teeth.

You should brush and floss your teeth as usual to keep them away from food particles and bacteria.

Foods To Eat After A Root Canal 

After root canal therapy, most patients can easily eat soft food as long as they avoid chewing or biting the treated teeth. Here are some food recommendations for dental patients during root canal therapy rehabilitation. Although the overall theme is soft food, spicy food should be avoided after Root Canal.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables
  • Applesauce
  • Avocado
  • Sorbet
  • Steamed bamboo shoots and melons
  • Banana
  • Peach
  • Ripe pear
  • Mashed Potato
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Thick soup
  • Mango


  • Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Soft cheese


  • Steamed coarse wheat flour
  • Quinoa
  • Pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Corn porridge
  • Wheat milk


  • Egg
  • Canned tuna or chicken
  • Chickpea paste
  • Bean curd
  • Meatloaf
  • Nut
  • Beans (beans, lentils, peas)

Foods To Avoid After A Root Canal

There are also some kinds of foods that should be avoided after root canal therapy, because they will aggravate any sensitivity you are experiencing, and they may also damage your temporary filling.

We recommend avoiding eating the following food after a root canal:

  • Very hot and very cold food and drink. It can irritate sensitive teeth.
  • Sticky foods such as gum, caramel, and other sweets.
  • Chewy foods, such as steak and crusty bread.
  • Hard food such as nuts.
  • Crispy foods such as pretzels and cornflakes.

Once your permanent restoration is in place, you can resume your normal diet, but in your best judgment – if you find that your teeth feel soft when eating a particular food, stop eating it and eat it another day.

What To Do After Root Canal?

It is normal to have some pain after root canal therapy. You can usually control it with over-the-counter painkillers, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol.

The dentist will also give you other advice, including:

  • Brush your teeth as usual to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Gargle with salt and water three times a day. You can mix half a teaspoon of salt and warm water, gargle in your mouth for about one minute, and then spit it out. This can reduce inflammation

If your dentist prescribes antibiotics to reduce the risk of tooth infection, take them as prescribed. This is especially true for taking all antibiotics to reduce the likelihood of infection recurrence.

What To Avoid After Root Canal?

After root canal therapy, dental patients need to avoid doing some things to help them recover. Here are some more important things.

  • Don’t brush your teeth too hard. Instead, brush slowly and carefully. Make sure that the treated teeth are very mild around because the rest of the teeth still need proper dental care.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least three weeks after surgery.
  • Avoiding smoking after root canal therapy is the key to successful rehabilitation. For those who have difficulty quitting smoking, it is recommended that they make an appointment with a dentist for help.
  • Avoid using the side of the mouth where root canal therapy is performed before the teeth receive crowns.
  • Avoid flossing on both sides of the temporary crown to prevent the crown or crown material from falling off.


If you are undergoing root canal therapy, it is important to know when and what food to eat or not after the operation.

Generally speaking, once the anesthesia disappears and your mouth and gums are no longer numb, you can enjoy soft food while eating other dishes you like.

Your dentist will usually give you guidance to follow after root canal therapy. Be sure to follow up any problems or concerns you have before and after surgery.