What Happens If You Leave Self Tanner on Too Long: Things You Need To Know

The colorants in self-tanners cause your skin cells to darken as they absorb them, but too much colorant results in an orange tone that is darker. If they leave the product on their skin for too long, some people may develop streaking and patchiness.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about what happens if you leave self tanner on too long.

What Happens If You Leave Self Tanner on Too Long?

It’s possible that your skin will become significantly darker than you anticipated or turn orange. You probably won’t need to start working to get your self tanner off because it’s not going to be a major problem.

But it’s difficult to say precisely because it really depends on the product you’re using.

The DHA in self-tanners only binds to skin cells that are already dead or dying, it won’t have any other effect on your skin other than what you’d expect from a normal lotion.

However, if you apply self-tanning lotions containing bronzers or other chemicals for an extended period of time, your skin may take on an orange cast.

Following the application of the tanner, you should typically take a shower 3 to 10 hours later. This is dependent on whether the tanner is made entirely of DHA or includes additives.

How Long Should I Leave Self-Tanner on For?

It depends on the product, but most manufacturers advise leaving the self-tanner on for 5 to 6 hours so that it has time to work properly. This is especially accurate for DHA-only, additive-free self-tanners.

This implies that you should typically schedule when and where you’ll apply your tanning lotion. You should probably apply your self-tanning lotion that morning or the night before, for instance, if you intend to go out to the club with your girlfriends on Saturday night. In this manner, the DHA has time to bind to the skin cells and cause the desired response and shade of color.

Can I Sleep With a Self Tanner On?

The good news is that sleeping through the night while wearing a self tanner is not insurmountable difficulties.

The following is the most important thing to keep in mind when letting your tan develop overnight. Anything that can scratch or rub against the skin should be avoided.

That includes things like wearing socks or sheets that will rub on your legs while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep! It also applies to situations like sleeping in a bra, which could lead to snagging of hair or stubble on the back or underarms.

While it’s crucial for your tan to develop overnight fully, it’s also crucial for you to be comfortable and able to rest.

We would only advise staying away from sleeping with wet hair. It’s acceptable to sleep with your hair in a silk sarong. Still, any friction here can cause your tan to start coming off as soon as it comes into contact with water before it’s had time to set properly.

What Happens If You Leave Self Tanner on Too Long: Things You Need To Know

What Happens If You Wash Your Self Tanner Off Early?

You won’t damage your tan, but you can start over by washing off a lot of the product. Many self tanner require at least eight hours to fully develop, so it’s probably best to apply them at night.

While the tan may wash off, the chemical reaction will leave a stain on your skin. Tan lines are definitely possible when you wash off your self tanner too early.

Pro tip: Despite the name, you should pat yourself dry after showering rather than rubbing vigorously with a towel.

All in all, It’s better to wait out the time and let it develop naturally than try to use baby oil and scrub it off early.

How to Know If It is Time to Redo Your Self Tanner?

If you are not sure if it is time to redo your self tanner, watch out for these tips below:

• If the color has become dull or lost its luster
• If your tan is starting to flake and look like it’s rubbing off on everything you touch
• If your tan is visibly patchy, blotchy, or uneven in some areas
• If your tan has faded so much that you can no longer see it
• If your tan is wearing off in streaks or lines, especially around the knees, knuckles, and elbows
• Even though it has only been a few hours since you applied it, let’s say the color of your self tanner is fading when you wipe yourself after using the restroom. This suggests that girls with olive skin need to apply their fake tan more frequently.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to top off your tan, these are the main signs to watch out for. You can find out how long your tan should last by reading the product’s label.

Conclusion: Take Care

Before taking a shower and cleaning the sheets, you must wait for your self tanner to fully develop. You risk harming your health if you don’t. Make sure you allow enough time because fake tans take a while to dry. Till it’s time to settle, try not to move around too much while you’re sleeping.

To create the appearance of a much deeper tan, you apply the self tanner in a gradual darkening process. So, if you have applied a self tanner correctly, then the first time, it naturally comes off when you shower or sweat. Then the next time when it naturally comes off from daily life.