How Safe Is Pasadena For Travel Safety Tips

We have answers to your questions about Pasadena’s safety if you are considering going there.

Let’s examine some crime statistics and rates in-depth to determine how safe or dangerous Pasadena actually is.

How safe is pasadena for travel? According to statistics, Pasadena is a very safe city. The violent crime rate in Pasadena was 298.49 per 100,000 people in 2020, which is 25% less than the national average, and the property crime rate was 2,178.10 per 100,000 people, which is 11% more than the national average.

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Warnings & Dangers In Pasadena

Overall Risk: Low

With low crime rates and a significant police presence, Pasadena has a low overall risk. The Tournament of Roses events can draw sizable crowds, so thieves may be looking for an opportunity to commit a crime. The weather will probably be as idyllic as the rose gardens, with 300+ days of sunshine annually.

Transport & Taxis Risk: Low

Yes, you can safely use a taxi or ride-sharing service in this area. You can also benefit from the systems set up to transport tourists in an environmentally friendly manner, and there is little risk. To get to and from the airports and get around Los Angeles, use the Metro system and LAX Flyaway routes. area, but in Enjoy Foothill Transit or Pasadena Transit in Pasadena proper.

Pickpockets Risk: Low

One in 69 people will become the victim of theft, but half of those thefts were reported to have taken place in homes. If you decide to drive or rent a car, keep any personal items out of sight before locking the vehicle since nearly half of all thefts occur in vehicles. Compared to some other Los Angeles neighborhoods, it poses a lower risk overall.

Natural Disasters Risk: Medium

Wildfires and earthquakes pose the greatest risks of disaster here. Both occur frequently, but while wildfires can be huge and destructive, earthquakes are typically just minor tremors that you might not even notice. Poor air quality, along with sporadic road closures or evacuations, would have the biggest wildfire impact in Pasadena. Due to how severe wildfires can be, we’re going to categorize it as medium risk. You are aware that these can be flaming monsters since you have undoubtedly seen them on the news.

Mugging Risk: Low

The likelihood of being robbed is 1 in 1175, so there is little risk. If someone comes up to you, don’t risk your life to defend your possessions. Stay away from physical conflict and call the police right away if anything is stolen.

Terrorism Risk: Medium

We’ll classify it as a medium risk because this is a sizable metropolitical area and even though Pasadena is tucked away in the northeast corner close to the mountains, it could still be affected by a terrorist attack in Los Angeles.

Scams Risk: Low

We investigated the most frequently reported scams, and found that a disproportionate number were aimed at locals. The likelihood that a tourist will fall for a scam is very low.

Women Travelers Risk: Low

I must have searched through twenty social forums for the answer to this question, and not a single person claimed that women are at a higher risk than men are. There is a small risk, but it comes with the usual wise counsel to avoid wandering around at night alone and to always walk with a friend.

Tap Water Risk: Low

There is little risk associated with Pasadena’s tap water because it satisfies or exceeds all state and federal standards. Additionally, the City of Pasadena works to keep up the pipelines that bring in water from outside the region and to inform water users about the importance of conserving this limited resource.

How Safe Is Pasadena For Travel Safety Tips
How Safe Is Pasadena For Travel? Safety Tips

How Much Has Pasadena’s Crime Rate Risen?

3,435 total crimes were reported in Pasadena in 2020, a 1% decrease from 2019.

In contrast to 2019, Pasadena reported 414 violent crimes in 2020, a 32% decrease.

Pasadena reported 7 homicides in 2020, a 75% increase from 2019.

A 5% increase from 2019 to 2020, Pasadena reported 3,021 property crimes.

Areas To Avoid In Pasadena, CA

Let me start off by saying that Pasadena is a safe city. You can drive through the entire city without ever feeling unsafe. The northwest quadrant of Pasadena is the only area that could use some polishing. everything north of Washington and west of Los Robles. But compared to places like Compton or Watts, the northwest corner of Pasadena is incomparably inferior.

Safest Places To Visit In Pasadena

Let’s start with the main Pasadena draw, The Tournament House.

There are a very few tours available. From February to August, only on Thursdays.

There are 1500 different kinds of roses and other flowers on this nearly 5-acre property.

Visit the nearby Pasadena Museum of History.

There are tours available at the Proctor & Gamble-famous Gamble Mansion as well.

Since it served as a scene-setter for several Back to the Future films, movie buffs may recognize this one a little.

While we’re on the subject of museums, the USC Pacific Asia Museum honors all things Asian and Pacific Islander.

Safe dining and shopping are available for 22 blocks in Old Pasadena.

There are many contemporary shopping options along with a historical feel.

Step back in time to the 1920s in Pasadena Playhouse Village to experience the hipper side of the city, which includes the oldest independent bookshop in Southern California.

The 10 tree-lined blocks of South Lake Avenue welcome you (and your wallet) for a posh experience without having to travel all the way to Rodeo Drive if you want to go a little more affluent.

In addition to nearby mountains that are about 10 minutes away, the city itself has hiking and biking trails.

All are secure provided that you exercise the necessary health and safety precautions.

Is Pasadena’s Public Transportation Secure?

The Pasadena Transit operates the city’s public transportation system, providing a number of interconnected routes throughout Pasadena.

Generally speaking, using public transportation is a secure option between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm, but after those hours, we advise using a taxi or ride-sharing service.

Pasadena Is It Secure At Night?

The majority of the time, Pasadena is secure at night. You should be fine if you avoid going through dark, desolate areas.

How Safe Do People Consider Pasadena To Be?

  1. “Both Pasadena and South Pasadena are very safe and family-friendly communities.”
  2. “Since I have spent my entire life in Pasadena, I can say with assurance that the city is orderly, secure, and generally pleasant.”
  3. “Like a Los Angeles suburb, Pasadena is. It is very tranquil and serene and far from the chaos and energy.”
  4. “North Pasadena is the only sketchy area in Pasadena, but it’s not that bad when compared to other areas of Los Angeles.”
  5. “Pasadena is extremely secure. One of Los Angeles’s safest neighborhoods without a doubt.”

Tips To Stay Safe While Visiting Pasadena

  • Before you go, do some research on the city. Plan your trip using this information to determine which areas of the city are safe and which are dangerous.
  • Be conscious of your surroundings at all times. Avoid using your phone and remain alert for any potential threats.
  • Always walk with purpose and assurance. Targets of criminals frequently include timid or self-conscious people.
  • Never venture out alone at night.
  • Don’t drive around with valuables visible or in your car.
  • Never leave a vehicle unattended in a dark or desolate area. When visiting, take into account parking garages.