Should You Shave Legs Before A Massage?

It is not advised to shave. If you really want to, please do so at least four hours before your scheduled appointment. Some products might irritate freshly shaved skin.

Is Shaving Required before Getting a Massage?

If you have ever wondered, “should I shave before a massage”, you wouldn’t be the first person to ask! Every week, clients apologize to us for not shaving before their appointment. We have some happy news for those customers! Prior to receiving a massage, shaving is not required. The massage therapist will frequently be unaware of it or won’t care at all if they do. You won’t be required to wax your body before an appointment at a spa. It’s really up to you whether you decide to shave or leave your body hair on.

During a massage, the masseuse is not taking into account your body hair. Instead, they are concerned with supporting your general well-being, assisting you in relaxing, locating your problem areas, identifying and minimizing referral pain, and assisting you in solving those problems.

But it also works if you prefer hair removal and finds it easier to unwind without it. Try to shave at least four hours before your appointment to prevent any potential irritation.

Is It Rude to Not Shave Your Legs before a Massage?

Even if you do make the effort to have your hair removed before an appointment, many people can shave in the morning and have stubble by the afternoon, and a massage can irritate you if it is given right after shaving. We, therefore, value your effort but kindly do not feel obligated.

Why Would Someone Shave before a Massage?

In order to feel better and have more confidence during your appointment, you might want to shave if your body hair has grown out and you don’t like the way it looks given that the massage therapist will be touching your skin directly. That being said, one of the main reasons people shave before receiving a spa treatment is for that very reason. Go ahead and shave if it will make you feel more at ease and confident during your massage. If you do choose to shave, it is crucial that you don’t do it on the day of your appointment. Instead, it’s crucial to shave at least two days prior to your massage appointment to prevent rashes on your just-shaven skin.

Should You Shave Legs Before A Massage?

Why is It Not Recommended to Shave before a Massage?

You are mistaken if you think that getting a good massage requires shaving first. Our trained and experienced licensed massage therapists use additional massage oil to move through the hair with ease. Simply put, you can get the full benefits of a massage as long as you’re comfortable.

In addition, you should forego shaving and leave your body hair untrimmed before getting a massage if you already have sensitive skin. Massages frequently involve some level of friction or tension on the skin, which may irritate or discomfort, particularly on freshly shaved sensitive skin. Shaving is not the most advantageous thing to do before getting a massage.

We understand that the question of “should I shave before a massage” will linger in your mind, but it is important to remember that massage therapy is a real form of therapy. Having said that, whether or not you have a fully shaved body, you are receiving a massage to aid in your relaxation—both mentally and physically.

A massage is intended to help you relieve any physical discomfort or tension, elevate your mood, facilitate movement, and de-stress after a demanding period in your life. Regardless of how you look, you will continue to receive all of these advantages. Therefore, keep in mind that your visit to a spa is for your emotional well-being and physical health rather than your body’s appearance the next time you wonder whether to shave before a massage.

Is It Bad If I Don’t Shave My Legs before a Massage?

If it’s been a while since you last shaved your legs, back, or whatever area your massage therapist is working on, don’t worry; it’s okay. You shouldn’t feel self-conscious because a massage therapist’s ability to deliver quality care is unaffected by hair or stubble. It’s not “scratchy” or uncomfortable for them to touch, either.

Come as you are, and we can certainly massage you over top of your clothes if that is what you would prefer. Visit this blog post for more details on getting undressed for your massage.


Shaving is not necessary before a massage. Your therapist doesn’t seem to mind or even be aware. The only exception to this rule is if you are having Kinesio Taping, which must be done 24 hours beforehand to prevent skin irritation. Use only clippers if you have less than 24 hours.